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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Russian chickens. Orloff

Russian Orloff  is aside of Pavlovskaya is the only stock we can get on this side of the pond.
RO's are better and I like them better personally as dual purpose.
Here are some of different stages of the birds these tiny not black and white are the offspring of
 these they are the parent birds at a bit older age.

little older

 Juveniles feathered, they look like any ~1.5-2 month little ones

about 3 month

A bit older at 4 month-ish

A bit older 5-6

fake  'mama hen'

I did have some broodies, not of Orloff breed so, they look kind of like that... fluffy, angry and hormonal

this particular foster broody did not work well so, first time, some make good broodies, some not so good, just have to see which one is best and keep that one.

Russian ORloffs are on endangered chicken breed list, lately they were taken to 'threatened' status with < 500 birds.
Here are pictures of older cocks, 2y old

close to 11 month old

In US there is no such a thing as so called 'black gene' in Orloff's, it basically means it was a 'project' bird. This one cam out of very nicely priced pack of pure bred show quality eggs, single survivor.
It is 1/2-Orloff

Crosses are large, 'dress' nicely, cold hardy, heavy and grow decent meat on them.
 Orloff kind of a head dominates, the other parent of this mix had typical large single comb.

There is another breed that can have different colors Gilyan, they are separate and were used in breeding Orloff's a long time ago. At this time there are Gilyan chicken in Russia and I did see some in UK.


  1. They do look different than others I have seen in the USA, fun to view, the rooster looks strong and proud. Makes me want do get some chickens again.

  2. To just read your answer to your other post I used to have chickens in Oklahoma. I see you answered that you live in US I thought you lived in Russia I was a bit confused cause the weather looked warm already. And I thought it was still cold there.