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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

No dig terraces. Stage 2

No dig terraces were started and thankfully completed in winter.
There were different types of tree mulch delivered, plenty of branches, as well as stump removal.
The area was also layered with manure and wood chips, creating a version of no dig beds

 Stumps vary in size and some were rather heavy wood.
Multiple species. Some had bark and bugs hiding, these were fed to nice chickens and taken care off very very fast. There was not much of it, every log was checked for potential chicken feed.
 Ash and some hardwoods
 Very large cottonwood

Some of the terraces have steep slope as high as horse fence. This is not a problem as there is layer of branches and mulch, creates sort of a blanket layer of deep mulch. The wind also mostly comes from the slope and blows 'up' the slope.
 It is very rare when winds blows towards the side fence.
6 terraces total divide the slope into mostly even better for planting areas. Here larger evergreens can go when the soil is composted enough.
There was warmer than usual winter and not much snow and no rain. For that reason the beds were checked and on warmer day they were all watered quite well.
All deep mulch was checked and it is doing what it supposed to be doing.

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