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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Keyhole garden update

Keyhole/BTE cross bed officially gone bunkers :)
Some asked me to keep posting about this experiment. So..

here is the initial how i was made post
here is how it looked like in June (end)

From Here

to here

planted, 2 weeks
End of June

And...End of July
I'm glad I put it in the middle of the pasture sort of :)
banana squash and 1 pumpkin over spill...

 banana squash
Now I need to get Armenian cucs from the middle of the compost bed and figure out some kind of a top cover so they do not end up in the middle
 Japanese cucumber
 Patipans, 3 monster plants

 Armenian cucs over spill at the back, where my poo hollyhock is not sure... will find it
 patipans on left, banana squash on right

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