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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Nursed back bush and new flower bed in progress

Nursed back these bushes, I in fact trues to use their seeds once (see the seed pods, very old ones) first year on the property. They did germinate, but the plants did not take...
So I was on a look out for Rose of Sharon aka hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus).
Small one, I did burse it back, the bush broke at the base and came from roots
And a bigger one 

Close ups

Now I wonder ... it looks like I do have Rose of Sharon, now I wait for blooms to see.

New bed in progress. Earth work done, moving rocks
This will get rock edge, for now that's that, bigger cobblers need to be delivered
 Old rock had weed fabric
 And that's the dirt under...
And that's good, why?

Worm tracks

This will be a good thing for BTE, because worms that are in dirt now will come up as soon as greens, compost, wood chips will be installed today.

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