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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The heat, the earwig traps, and some summer food just because...

No rain and the heat. We get it hot and high altitude sun adds to it. It gets very very hot.
All the birds are hiding in shade and not willing to come out till the evening even for the food.

Here what does hot sun do regardless of daily water schedule during the heat wave on some of less heat and drought tolerant plants.
That includes new transplants as well

Established shasta daisy. Even that gets it..
Not established lavender in 1 gal container store bought, planted 2 weeks ago. Not doing well.
 Heat shot gladiolas, very short blooming time this year
 Hear struck roses. deadheading needed.
 Another rose, same, but Purple cone flower at the back is as big as that rose and doing very well
 Heat on pale green roses, many flowers are browned and burned, needs major removal or damaged flowers
 Brandiwine tomato. Does not like it much.

Some things do like it. This very well established currant.
 And hops, also established (3-rd season, first season they did suffer heat a lot and I thought the would not make it, 2 out of 3 did)

Garlic. One row pile...
And there is more, that is exactly what does happen when one does not get the garlic head last year, it does turn into garlic bush. I was harvesting these from early spring. Now need to water that a lot and try to get these this year... or that will be already very problematic clump...

And this dweller...
 it grows in rock, literally...

Also in this heat I've got some unusual thing, summer mushroom under blue spruce log...

Now about bug traps.
Roly-poly are still caught on watermelon rinds under paper plates and collected every morning, and I do not see the end of it so far, I do not recall that many... Even reduction of the water in the garden does not seem to do it, so I put the water schedule back where it was and hoping my strawberries will recover, I did loose not established hardy fig, it did dry off...

Earwigs however... I found more permanent kill trap.
I'ts very simple. Paper plate, has to be placed at the angle. It has about 1/4 cup of oil, first I tried olive oil as it was suggested, but that's expensive,.. so my single test trap was full of bugs in  3 days all right. I replaced that with canola and here is 1 night catch. It does seem to work just the same as olive oil, maybe a bit less, but still they land in there

Trap one, in same spot where olive oil was, it's a mixture of old olive oil and new canola.
 Trap 2, canola
 Trap 3, got some rollies too.
 Trap 4, next to my most suspect hot spot...
 And I was right... yack, but chickens should love it
 Trap 5

Now about more pleasant things. kebabs are good in summer.
It makes a simple meal like this, nothing fancy to serve, but summer is summer. This meal works very well for hungry man :)
 Load one... very reduced till I got to camera
 load 2 :)

 and load 2 done.
these are marinated 3 ways in red sweet wine and pomegranate with garden herbs and garlic, then twist on teriyaki and sesame, and pinot grigio and some special spices for chicken.  Worked well.

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  1. I'm not sure if you know, you could collect a garlic spades when they at U-shape(tender) and fry it. The taste is as mushrooms. :)