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Sunday, July 2, 2017


Some summer flowers.
Golden currant and cat mint 

Perennial lily, Wyoming cone flower (echinacea, in pot), liatris spicatta

 Black-eyed Susan (Orange coneflower, redebeckia)
 Lavander, day lily, herbs
 Parsley, sunset hissop, chives, day lily

 White cone flower (echinacea)
 and the back view
 wine cups, doing very well

 echinacea, lemon mint, orange day lily (tall), moonbeam coreopsis 
 lily close up
 black current. what's left from squirrels visit, hyssop
 Parsley, flat leaf
 echinacea and white-green roses, the kind is unknown, saver plants... they truly deserved it.
 ... keep forgetting the name of it...

summer bed
 roses row

 shasta daisy
 day lily close up
mint... too much :)

Transplanted in heat raspberry, flora-canes.
Roses, Julia Child, fruiting rose.

Garden and bug defenses under those plates are loaded bug traps...
 Grape came back well.
 Hawthorns are setting very decent fruit.
Rhubarb, red. 
 Seeds, seeds and more seeds

 Tomatoes started looking more like tomatoes...
 Failed cucs row... grape it is. St. Teresa. expensive... But hoping to propagate and cover entire fence.
Hyssop's (3 kinds) also hoping to propagate, poppies, this time 2 perennials,


 they like to go inside in there...

New flora-cane blackberry. They are in root system state, sadly, but... wild May did it's thing


New blooming beds next to orchard
oval bed, to be mountain garden, but pollinators would appreciate that one more. Lemon mint, hyssop, yarrow, sunchokes, borrage, blue and pink salvia, lots and lots of lemon mint and range cone flowers (rudebeckia), it volunteered, so it was sort of low risk in the dead heat 90/f+ to 100...

Keyhole garden: scarlet beans, 2 types of cucumber, pumpkins, winter squash (delicata)
 lupine and white cone flower as polinators
 and hollyhocks at the back... now I wonder if I've got bianual plant by misstake...

 Orange day lily at orchard, was a saved fee plant

 Spiral bed has lots more in it. a variety...

top: liatris and crocosmia lucifer
 several berry bushes: currant and servieberry.
corsian violet, beans, salvia, yarrow, Corsican viola
 banana squash, currant, borrage
 echinacea, torch lily (kniphobia), 3 types of hyssop, rudebeckia (under the box, stresses by the heat badly)

2 Beds in severe need if good old bindweed fight are not shown... as they need some good old weeding. Weeds took off like a storm this year.

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