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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New flower bed

It was quite a task dealing with all the rock and the weed mess...
In this post there is the mid-work: new bed in progress

In progress of the soil work: wood chips over compost layer
 Prepped bed
 Some interesting flowers
 Bed layout
 I put it is a way so I can use 1/2 drip system because that's all on the incline

Completed bed
delphinium, pink salvia, pampas grass, borrage 
Spirea, outsidepride coreopsis, cone flowers (several colors) , hop poker (2 colors), rudebeckia, veronica, crocosmia, salvia

 Agastache (lavander-ish), spirea, day lily, rudebeckia, beartomque, mesa sage wild thing, more veronica, penstemons

 veronica, ornamental grass, red hot poker, hyssop

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