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Friday, July 13, 2012

Big stuff

Big... yeah... 30 cm decent size  Orenburg spindle looks kind of puny in this.... tub
it was that gray stuff over there on the top. has luster

so the tub

do I just want to take that to my wheel...Looking at the photo, it's quite tempting indeed.
Because this distraction may get old by the time I'm done on the spindle and I have to add some new distracting cool pieces to the big distraction... well comes with the clean up... and a small problem, the tub where the "distraction" lived is taken by the fiber, bummer, did not think of that, I guess I need to buy a new tub.

White aka "golden fleece" progress on the wheel. no I'm not spinning "dog hair" thickness, I'm spinning more practical cobweb.

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