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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Золотое руно и другие Golden fleece etc

In the light in my basement it's not quite golden, but it did make me wonder about that golden fleece story... once again. what color was the golden fleece...

Do people store fleece in grease as is? It looks like they do. but for some learning purposes it will do.
it was white indeed
 from this

to locks
it does not look bad for a free-be. Someone has told me that it may worth it to try to save Klide's fleece.
So I did test wash a small amount, 50-60ge worth each bag. The free fleece... looks better than the one I've paid for the other year as a part of a group buy, did not get lucky and got one before the last number... all the good stuff was gone by that time, should have just picked the medium fleece and do not do that finer fleece.
carding it did not end up in the best quality fiber, that's what I mean. I'll see what yarn can be done from it. lace singles if plied n-ply can hide many things, all I can do is see what will happen next

hey, in the wost case I can use some sentimental felted slippers :).


  1. that neppy stuff reminds me of polypay. I got a polypay and was disappointed at all the neps it had. but it was a nice soft fleece but tough to spin on my russian spindle. so i ended up spinning it on my kromski minstrel. eventually i blended some of the polypay with angora. turned out nice and lofty.

  2. yes. that's what I'm doing. I'm spinning soft yarn, long draw, 3-ply. it has loft and I'm picking the neps as I go, the ugliest ones :)