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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Golden fleece part 2

remember that golden fleece? a free-be :), blogged here about it.
that's what a small portion of it looks like now

that's the finer fleece. In comparison to that... stuff.. I was doing this week (just to be done with it as I was looking at it ... for quite some tome, not a pretty fleece it was) this one looks quite nice.
I was experimenting with lock by lock prep. made a small butch for fine spinning to see how will it look like in the yarn. If I like it, I'll have to ind out about what breed was it (hoping that the label on the bag was the original ).
yanking the fiber from carder like some in Orenburg do applied to wool. have to be locks, and small carder with rather tall teeth (or whatever they are called), the tool resembles a dog brush in a way, one that would be used to get the fur out from the breeds that shed a lot.

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