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Thursday, July 5, 2012

More fleece spinning

here is some carded wool and Schacht Reeves 30'' Saxony wheel.  the fleece washed yesterday is in the background on the gray mat. the rest- carded stuff to go through. some of that last year fleece was ok to card, some - ...nepps, and Patrick Green carder is not the worst carder in the world by far, fine drum should work just fine on that fleece, and it did one some of it, but some, that had... let's put it this way... tips that were... chemically damaged (by whatever that sheep was rolling in etc, nastiest stuff I had to cut before washing). last time I bought the fleece as a group and I did not see the fine fleece that could be purchased. Lesson learned :). I did not want to even try to comb the stuff that had damaged fleece tips, I should have tossed it in the garden like my dear husband suggested :). makes me want to just rip though it on Reeves versus doing this

at least on reeves the wheel spins for me, less motion for the hands.


  1. you are so productive! amazing work you do and i am truly inspired. :)

  2. thanks. production wheel, production spindles. good equipment helps. I'm very happy with Orenburg spindles and Schacht wheels both Reeves and matchless