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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scotch tension and golden fleece part 3

oh, forgotten. that;s what that fleeceScotch tension on Schacht Reeves. modified.
there was a bit of spinning and the original ST thread did wear out and the spring got caught-stretched. accidents happen at high plying speeds.

the spring is from ACE hardware, softest they had. the thread on ST is 20/2nm wool for what it worth. I like it. It seem to have finer tune for gossamer yarn spinning. nice and smooth. did not try plying in that configuration. the ST will wear out faster than cotton, granted. hey, I have a cone of that wool, not at any risk of running out :)

oh, forgotten, that's what that golden fleece does spin into.
excuse my dog hair in the picture, but I guess it worked for the comparison purposes, well, not intentionally :)

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