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Friday, July 13, 2012

Organized. Store bobbins, spindles, yarn. Reuse.

basically subj :)

these were possible CD storage shelves or display shelves. it turns out, they make pretty reasonable bobbin storage. I was looking at buying winding station. This simple organizer postpones the purchase. It is a nice oak unit. And it's a green storage solution. Reuse-recycle-re-purpose.
Speaking of spindles...

right :). it was used for spice tubes. it used to be a lazy kate deal. I did a bit of modification with epoxy. stays put. I have a different kind of spice rack, so ... re-used the one here for organizing.
Not only that one can fin in the kitchen, better to say in someone's kitchen...
clear food storage containers. hard plastic N6. not so good for food. especially for pasta cooking (that's how these were marketed, someone bought it on TV, found what plastic was it and never used, was a chap garage sale pick). Disadvantage: just barely not tall for 30-31cm spindles
Wine gift boxes... works fine. nothing fits large Russian Orenburg plying spindle so, that one I keep for centimental reasons, I ply my warm shawl yarn on my wheel.

what else? how about bread box for silk storage? Here it is.

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  1. You are awesome and inspiring! I have spun my first full Russian spindle and ready to ply to silk thread. very pleased with it. going to knit a sample lace piece to make sure it knits up nice.
    keep up your posts! Love checking your site regularly.