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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guess the fiber

can you guess the fiber?

after drying etc on the ball, knitting started


  1. well it seems to have a halo about it... hmmm must be that orenburg goat hair? lol i give up!

  2. nope. It's not goat at all :)
    it's a wool fleece spun this way. want to try to guess what is it?
    (hint, it's not what's called "poor man mohair", it's a cross breed)

  3. hmmm i am stumped. i am not an expert in fibers but i am learning! lol

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  5. made a spelling error and wanted to edit but it wouldn't let me. ok so thinking maybe romeldale? i know that is a cross breed fiber that creates a halo effect. hmmmm i am stumped still! lol

  6. it's a cross of long wool from England and fine wool from France, both are quire common breeds. the cross created medium wool with luster.