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Friday, July 6, 2012

Spin for speed and zero cost spindle rig

going though that carded fleece as fast as possible, having the time...
neps and noels doe not allow lace at, so it becomes 3-ply gradient yarn. it looks like this way I can hide good amount of the fleece issues and pick the nastiest neps/noels to.
Did not want to spend a lot of time on spindle reeling-plying ball etc. therefore the spindle rig... best part about it it costs 0. spindle spun single matches wheel spun, it was done this way. Spindle stuff is good to go where I need more of this or that color building my gradient yarn. 3 main shades, 9 color changes total, very long gradient

 so.. that left pile is all spun into cobweb singles, almost, there are 2.5 pieces left in darkest gray. maybe tomorrow it will be ll over, done with that ... not favorede fleece finally.

and some cobweb single, from alpaca fleece. 

PS: next day update:)  I'm done with the "non av" fiber. done

PPS: washer ready to knit

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